CAS Not In Your Area?

If you’ve checked out the Find a Channel page and you can’t find us, here are some things you can do:

Contact Your Local Community Channel:

Because we are noncommercial networks, cable companies won’t carry us. However, your local public, educational and government community access channels will. These “community channels” are sent to you by your cable company in exchange for their right to operate in your city, and the community channels love CAS because it’s free, quality programming. Give them our web site address so they can get an application.

PBS and Other Channels:

We are carried by a number of PBS channels, and you might want to ask them if they have room on their schedule for a free show (particularly overnight, when most PBS channels either go off the air or just repeat their daytime schedule). Some local origination channels and small satellite providers carry us. Contact them and give them our web site address so they can get an application. We are also carried over some closed circuit systems (hotels, schools, hospitals, etc.) which receive us directly, 24 hours a day. If this is your situation you must have your own satellite dish and be able to receive C-Band satellite signals. We’re free and unscrambled.

Contact Your City Council or Cable Franchise Agency:

If you have no community channels where you live, contact your city council and ask them for one. Or look on your cable bill for the name of the Franchise Agency that determines what community channels your cable company should provide to you. Give them our web site address so they can get an application, or have them contact us directly. Emphasize to them that CAS is a benefit to the community, as our only mission is encourage people to go out and support the arts organizations in your community. CAS is educational, free, and a great public service that your city council can provide to its constituents.

Satellite Companies:

We are available 24 hours on DISH Network Satellite TV’s channel 9406. DirecTV does not yet carry us.

If you have your own C-Band satellite dish: Congratulations, you can see us 24 hours a day for free on Galaxy 17, Transponder 18C.