Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to see on Classic Arts Showcase?

The beauty of CAS is that you’ll never know what to expect. One moment you might be watching a rare film of George Gershwin performing one of his own compositions on the piano, and less than five minutes later you might see Beverly Sills in a great moment from a classic opera. Our weekly eight-hour show is downlinked by hundreds of channels across the country at different times, with different schedules. While we can’t tell you when an individual clip will play in any particular area, the element of surprise — not knowing exactly what’s coming up next — is part of what CAS is all about. Our goal is to generate excitement and build a new audience for the wide range of performances presented through the arts.

Who pays for CAS?

CAS is completely funded by the Lloyd E. Rigler – Lawrence E. Deutsch Foundation, a major arts supporter for more than 25 years. That support allows CAS to present legendary performances with no commercial interruption, and at no cost to the viewer. The foundation’s goal in creating CAS was to inspire viewers to go out and see live performances in their own communities, and to help to build a growing audience for the arts.

How long is each show?

A new eight-hour show – featuring approximately 100 different clips of classic arts performances — airs every week, starting on Friday. This show is sent out three times a day via satellite to all of North and South America — including the Bahamas and Hawaii. Your local channel then downlinks CAS and airs it on its own schedule.

Where do CAS clips come from?

Most of the classic arts performance clips seen on CAS are from video providers who have graciously granted CAS permission to air them, at no cost, to aid in our public service goal of creating new audiences for the arts. CAS carries no advertising and has agreed not to sell the clips or alter them in any way. Other clip sources include public and private archives.

Can I request a specific performance?

Most of the clips CAS airs are provided through the courtesy of the companies involved in their production. If you know of something already produced that might be right for CAS, feel free to send an email and suggest it. However, please keep in mind that CAS isn’t always able to get the rights to everything we would like to present.

Can I get more information on a clip?

The screen credit information CAS places at the beginning and end of each clip is generally enough to help viewers find the videos themselves, through an online search.

How often do shows repeat?

CAS is a weekly show. Each Friday, we edit together a new eight-hour show, divided into one-hour blocks and featuring approximately 100 new classic art clips. That show then loops over and over again for a week. Depending on how often and when CAS is scheduled in your area, you might see repeat clips within a single week.

Can I contribute to CAS?

Though we very much appreciate offers to contribute, we are completely funded by the Lloyd E. Rigler – Lawrence E. Deutsch Foundation and do not solicit any outside funding. As a private foundation we are unable to accept donations.

I have reception problems. Whom do I call?

The CAS satellite signal is downlinked by your local channel, and that’s usually where reception problems occur. Contact your local channel (not your cable company — they don’t handle our signal).